Richie Hawtin, Alte Börse Zürich


    Some thoughts about Richie Hawtins / Plastikman / Minus Ableton Live DJ Set in Alte Börse Zürich Zürich 8.7.2011
    Just producing right now, not performing, therefore these are impressions of a musician rather than a dj.

    The pros:
    – His set was full of energy, good rhythmical elements over lots of boom
    – Long evolutions gave place to grow
    – Some live elements in NI Machine, he programmed and prelistened some noises and faded them in (although machine was running off-beat at same speed)
    – Breaks were performed with a DJ mixer and some typical DJ effects (fade to gray, filter, some stutter), not Ableton FX
    – I could spot the Apple 🙂
    – Crowds were pleased, apparently, the flow was there.
    – Very agile behind his desks, jumping around like little bambi 🙂

    The cons:
    – Richie did not end his breaks on the „one“ on quite some breaks performed – People would not notice anyway, huh 🙂
    – There was no light show. The beamer showed the Benq symbol all night.

    The impression:
    – I could not feel the Ableton Live set, had the impression it was Ableton, but fully automated (yes, with kapture: and the set would stop at some points to let him do the fx thing.
    – @ some parts, I thought: „Pumpin House with little dynamics“ „Bass in Bass out“ I know that’s harsh, just a feeling

    We are big fans of his Music and use his plugins in our live sets.
    However, there was little of the expected Ableton Live Controllerism magic in his performance in Zürich.
    It was surely a pure DJ set and had little to do with his Plastikman performance traveling from country to country.

    You can say that the crowd was pleased, that’s all it needs.

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