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    We all hit play – Deadmau5


    Well, some thoughts about deadmau5 „We all hit play“

    1. The greater the success, the greater the pressure. With pressure comes responsibility: To your manager, your record label, to the venue, to the paying fans entering the „live“ concert or live set. All that needs to reflect in professionalism of your performance: it is just obvious and logical to be a at least 95% clone of what is expected.

    2. Joel just talks about TOP artists/dj’s ,and that nails it down. There is a chance for creative on the fly producers in the street and in small clubs, or as a niche producer where playing live really is an asset. These can still get big in music industry as an exotic flavour because people like their special approach, and it works BECAUSE its special, they are those „live set guys“ with this self built controller thingie, here the „old“ band approach comes handy to help you out.

    3. Its much harder to play live. But most people don’t give a fuck if you play live or not. They don’t even know or care. So chance is, and temptation, to not give a fuck and bother either as a producer/dj. It’s like showing off for your girlfriend with your footballing skills, she keeps ignoring it, and all she is interested in is your ferrari. Exception shown at point 2.

    Always interested in your thoughts and feedback…

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