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    Session Snapshots for Ableton Live 1.0


    Max for Live patch which stores snapshots of all settings in session view plus 16 plugins. Presets are triggered by scenes.

    Fully automated presets of track settings, sends, macros, plus VST, AU & Max plugins, all saved in Live’s Session view.

    Session snapshots:

    – Send values for 24 tracks & 12 return tracks

    – Track Volume, Panning, Track Activation, Solo and Record on all these tracks.

    – 8 macro values on the first device on all these tracks

    Device snapshots:

    – 16 VST, AU, and Max plugins fully automated

    – Maximum of 512 values per plugin are saved and restored

    – Use the available device selectors to snapshot a plugin. If you need more devices, copy paste the device selector bpatchers in edit view

    Saving of Presets:

    Shift-click on a slot to save a preset, click to load preset.

    If Follow Scene is on, then preset numbers are triggered by scene number, on next consecutive bar.

    Save & Load:

    All snapshots are saved within your live set

    You can save banks of session snapshots to the disk.


    – Do not change your set, you will loose your settings

    – Do not edit this patch after having saved snapshots into it, you will loose it

    – Save to disk does not include device snapshots


    You need the following Max Beta in order to run this patch (or newer):

    Live has been updated since, to b5


    Part of this patch is based on bongo from Arnaud Lapret and the Max Api Device Preseter from cycling74.

    modul8tor March 2011


    1.0 Initial release


    – Follow scenes by Scene Name instead of Scene Number (selectable)

    – Save session snapshots track independant, by track name instead of track number

    – Save device snapshots





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