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    pitchbomb m8r 1.0


    Pitchbomb is a Max4Live Plugin / tool to attach the speed of Ableton Live Midi tracks to Audio tracks. This may sound unspectacular, but allows previously impossible tape stops and speed ups.

    How to:
    – Add Pitchbomb amxd to any (Midi) track in the Ableton set.
    – Put an audio clip to Repitch mode in clip settings. They need to match pitch-wise, so you might have to bounce your audio.
    Percussive stuff like drums can be left in their Drums/Complex/etc mode.
    – Add a Midi tracks with synths and match their pitch to the existing audio clips at the given song tempo
    – Add a Live „Pitch“ plugin to the Midi track
    – Click „Learn“ in Pitch target 1 and click the Live „Pitch“ plugins Pitch knob
    – Start fiddling with the semitone change field and do semitone target semitone & bang transitions



    Video Demo:

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