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    Send Switcher 1.1 – m8r


    One button switch for sending track signals to sends A to E, switching the other sends off.

    If you have effects on your sends, you can set the volume of your track to „Sends Only“ instead of „Master“, This way, you can flexibly route channels to effect tracks, even on the fly.

    1. Put it on a track
    2. Switch Send outputs on the fly
    3. Optional: Map it to the Activator, Solo/Cue and Record Arm buttons of the corresponding APC40 Track
    4. Optional: Map a knob to the top slider

    Disclaimer: This is based on JuanSolo’s Send Control, kudos to his work.

    1.0 Initial release
    1.1 Added Slider for Automation purposes

    Go create some music!





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