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    Joystick Gamepad Control – m8r


    Produced by AudioDoktor aka m8r.

    This plugin serves as a link between a gamepad and Ableton Live.

    Both joysticks are read out and give 4×128 step values (=4 directions) per joystick direction = 8 x 128 step values.

    The max4live plugin is opened in any track and can address up to 8 parameters in a set.

    In this case, it’s a Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2

    • The input field selects the proper gamepad input
    • The graphical overview to the left serves as a visual input indicator
    • The Parameter Selector is used to select any plugin in a live set, plus its parameter
    • Minimum and maximum range indicators help to adapt to the given parameter, the figure behind shows the actual value

    The plugin can be adapted easily to your needs, by opening it in Max4Live and tweaking its parameters.

    Parameters are reset by the upper front buttons of the gamepad.




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